WHITE WOOD CRAFT -Rockport Maine

I am Bob White. I finished up teaching high school chemistry about ten years ago. Before that I was a stay at home dad, off and on college student, and, way back, a submarine nuclear power plant operator in the United States Navy.

I began building small boats as a hobby about thirty years ago- dinghies (both plank on frame and strip) and kayaks (strip,) before settling on cedar and canvas canoes and other small craft as my preferred construction materials/method.

I am a graduate of the twelve week intensive course at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship here in Rockport (highly recommend for anyone who wants to make a quantum leap in their woodworking skills,) and I dabble a bit in furniture building, cabinetry, and carpentry of various types.

Lately, I have been building split-cane bamboo flyrods, and carving woodblocks for printing.

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