WHITE WOOD CRAFT -Rockport Maine

White Wood Craft is a small (one man, two dog) shop that builds cedar and canvas canoes, paddles, the occasional piece of furniture and, from time to time, a duck decoy or two.  I mostly use locally sourced, milled and air-dried Eastern White Cedar, Ash, Maple and Spruce.

I am currently building a run of 17 foot Goose River guide canoes.  These boats are based on the famous guide canoes of builders of a century ago, such as B.N. Morris, E.M. White, Old Town, etc.  I have modernized them a bit by lowering the bows and tweaking the shape for less windage and easier roof rack transport, and a bit more secondary stability.  The ribs and planks are eastern white cedar, the rails, stems, yoke, thwarts and seat frames are ash, and the decks are maple.  The seats are hand woven with medium-fine cane.  I use copper tacks and silicon bronze fasteners throughout the boat for both strength and corrosion resistance.  The hull is covered with number ten (15 oz) U.S. made cotton duck, filled with a silica and linseed oil mixture and dried completely before finishing with Epifanes paint and varnish.




Here is a bit about me and the dogs:

I am Bob White.  I am married to Julie (who is wonderfully tolerant of this new venture of mine.)  We have a daughter Rachel who is all grown, lives a town away from us and has a great blog about food and wine for young adults.  I finished up teaching high school chemistry a few years ago.  Before that I was a stay at home dad, off and on college student, and, way back, a submarine nuclear power plant operator in the United States Navy.  I began building small boats as a hobby about twenty years ago- dinghies (both plank on frame and strip) and kayaks (strip.)  Cedar and canvas canoes appeal to me because of the way that they connect the present to the past in a still relevant and  functional way, using natural materials that are pleasant to work with.

I am a graduate of the twelve week intensive course at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship here in Rockport (highly recommend for anyone who wants to make a quantum leap in their woodworking skills,) and I dabble a bit in furniture, mostly for the new house my wife and I just finished building.  I have one more piece (a large, two piece cherry bookcase for the reading room) to build for us, then I will be open to building furniture for others.

More importantly, the dogs: Otis and Lucy are Hungarian Vizslas.  Otis is the “old for his age” (=occasionally grumpy) older brother (b. 5/2011) who, at times, feels put upon by the very busy Lucy (b. 8/2013.)  They are both great dogs and a huge help to me here in the shop.  (Those of you who know a vizsla personally know just how sarcastic that statement is.)


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