Goose River Guide Canoes

My canoes are 17 feet long, 34 1/2 inches max beam, 12 inches tall amidships and 21 inches tall in the ends.  They weigh in at around 80 lbs.  These are guide canoes influenced by the designs of B. N. Morris, E. M. White, Joe Seliga and Old Town.  They are stable, fast and can carry a good amount of weight.

I use locally sourced cedar, ash and maple, quality copper and bronze fasteners, and American made cotton duck.  My finishes (paints and varnishes) are all from Epifanes.

These are hand-crafted, high quality boats that have great looks and outstanding performance characteristics.



Epifanes Pearl Gray


Five coats of Epifanes varnish.


This boat is available right now!




This boat will be featured in the show Maine Wood, at the Messler Gallery, from January through April next year.

white2 white1


This is my prototype and personal boat.


I use it for duck hunting.


My wife and I also paddle it with both of our dogs.


I make both beaver-tail and Algonquin style paddles, in a variety of lengths.


My paddles are hand-shaped from solid ash.



Bookcase on Bench. 60″ wide, 16″ deep and 78″ tall. Hand rubbed Danish Oil.


Cherry cremation ash caskets, 7″ by 10″ by 6″,  oil and wax finish


Hanging wall cabinet.  Ash carcase; Maple floating panels (back) door and drawer; Walnut knobs and through tenon wedges; Shellac.  I like to think of this as Piet Mondrian meets the Shakers.


Porch table and benches.  Maple breadboard tops; Ash aprons and legs; Spar Varnish. A nice, casual table for supper.

IMG_1974 IMG_1973

Adirondack chairs and bench.  Ash frames, Spar varnish;Cedar touch surfaces, Linseed oil; Silicon bronze fasteners.  Nice by the porch fire in winter, out on the back deck in summer.


Hallway mirror and table. Walnut; Danish Oil.  The mirror was a joinery exercise (dovetail and mortise and tenon.)  The table came later, to finish filling the little dead-end space.


Some ducks



One thought on “Portfolio

  1. Hi! I thought it would be fun to let you know that your site came up when I searched Shaker and Mondrian. I’m having a vision of my bedroom storage rendered in Shaker form with Mondrian asymmetry (in local white oak…). Thanks for sharing the same dimension! Too bad you’re so far away.
    Janet…Stone Meadow Farm, Ontario, Canada. P.S, I farm actual ducks…free range runner ducks 🙂


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