2 March 2016 – Barn Update

It’s been a while since I made an update from the barn, but today seems to be the perfect time.  It’s rainy and warmish here in Rockport today.  A front is pushing through, and,  if the forecast is to be trusted, we have a few sort of cold days on tap and then spring will begin in earnest.  The jet stream is supposed to move quite a ways north and more temperate patterns should begin to roll through.

Current projects include a tiller for my friend George.  He bought a nice Tanzer 27 from the YMCA Auction last summer and has done a great job refitting it for summer use on the bay with his wife and daughter.  It’s nice to make something for a friend, knowing he will both use it and appreciate the craftsmanship.  Hopefully we will get a chance to raft Preamble up with them at some point this summer.

I just finished a small shelf unit made from some beautiful reclaimed pine.   It is available for purchase (see previous blog entry.)  I have a bit more of that wood (it came from an old, nineteenth century wardrobe) and I would entertain using it to make something on commission from it.  Email if you have an idea.

Also available are two cedar and canvas canoes (Goose River Guide models) and an assortment of small items (which you can see in the on-line store section of the site.)  As always, solid ash paddles, either beavertail or Algonquin style, can be ordered to length and I will get them out within a few weeks.

One of my goals this spring is to figure out how to market my things.  In the meantime, please help me out by sharing my posts here on this site, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, I am trying my hand at making ash longbows, just for my personal use right now.  I will keep you posted as to how they turn out, and if it goes well I may offer them for sale.

On other fronts, Julie and I are headed to Prague at the end of the month, follewed by a cruise down the Danube to Budapest.  We have never been to central Europe before and are very excited for the trip.  It is our present to ourselves to celebrate  twenty-five years of marriage.

When we get back, it will be time to get Preamble ready for her nineteenth summer. Then comes yard work and garden planting.

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