12 December- Overdue Update

I had a guest this week in the barn.  Friend (and R/V Knorr shipmate) Frank Scofield spent a few days working on an interesting project: rehabilitating a small pram for his grandchildren to use next summer, out in the harbor.  Frank tells me the boat was built back in the seventies by none other than Peter Spectre (author and long time Wooden Boat contributor) for his own children.  When they out grew it, the boat was lent (Frank swears he has only borrowed it) for use by Frank’s kids.


The overhaul included fiberglass tape on all hull seams, new bilge runners and keel, new frames, and new inner and outer rails, all in ash.  Frank plans to refurbish the seating, install new oarlocks, and give it all a few good coats of paint.  Look for the relaunched boat next summer, out by Curtis Island on the south side of Camden Harbor.  Hopefully Frank will send us a picture of the finished project.

In other shop news, I am building some furniture- pics next post.  Also building some stands and getting the blue canoe all spiffed up for Maine Wood next month at the Messler Gallery.



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