5 October- Catching Up

Summer is definitely over, though I’m sure we will get a few summer-like days over the next few weeks.  And it was a good summer.  Julie and I and the dogs got out sailing a couple of weeks.  I think I spent a total of 21 nights aboard Preamble, away from her mooring.  Now she is hauled out, unstepped and in the shed down on the harbor in Rockland.  My big task there this winter is to disassemble the steering system and replace the upper and lower bearings on the rack and pinion shaft.

Around the house, the wood piles are ready for winter, the dinghy is put away and covered, and the garden is winding down (though still producing beans, squash, cukes, tomatoes, leeks…)  In the next few weeks I will put the Porsche away, swap the snowblower for the lawn mower at the front of the garage, take out the screens and put in the glass panels on the back porch.

Most importantly, though, it is time to get back to work in the barn.  This fall I am building a pretty good sized, two-piece bench/book shelf.  It will be made of cherry, free standing, and the two pieces will be stackable or usable separately.  Here is a sketch, to scale with the wall it will sit in front of.  Each block of the graph paper is 4 inches.


After that, it will be back to paddles, probably some more ducks, and, dependant on selling the last two, another couple canoes.  One of the boats from last season is going to be in a show called Maine Wood 2016 at the Messler Gallery from January 22nd to April 6th.  Hopefully it will sell there and maybe generate a few orders.

I also am hoping to finally finish the upstairs, separating the finishing area from my office and getting some paint on the walls, ceiling and floor up there.  It should brighten it up and help keep the dust down.

Anyway, plenty to do for me and the dogs.


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