2 September- More boats

It’s hard to believe it is September; but it has been a busy summer.  I am just getting the paint and varnish finished on the last of this year’s boats.  Then it is off for a bit of a cruise down Mt. Desert way- sailing, hiking with the dogs and some nice down time with Julie.  I think Rachel is planning to join us for a bit, also.

My friend Michael O’Neil stopped by and took some great pictures of one of my boats.



This one is painted with satin base Epifanes #28 (water blue) and finished with Epifanes gloss varnish on the hardwood surfaces, and Epifanes matte on the cedar (inside the boat.)  The two paddles are solid ash, hand carved in a beavertail shape.

And, this morning, I put the first coat of satin base Epifanes 216 (pearl gray) on this, the final boat from this past year.


After another coat of paint, and a few more coats of varnish, this canoe will be ready for a buyer in a week or so.  See 30 July post, below, for more info.

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