30 July- Boats getting finished, for sale.

A little over a week ago, Julie and I launched the first of this year’s canoes in Lake Megunticook.  It paddled well, tracked true and had great stability.  Of course, the real test will be when we take the dogs with us.  This boat is for my own use with Julie and the dogs, as well as for duck hunting on our local rivers, but one of the other boats from this build season will soon be available.  See below.

IMG_2208 (copy)

The dogs have been practising; I’m sure we will all end up wet the first few times.

Meanwhile, I have been cranking out paddles and working on the other two boats.


Algonquin and beaver tail style paddles. Solid ash, oil finish.


Attaching outer rails.

We are off sailing for the next week or so, aboard Preamble, but when we return, I expect to get the other boats completed by Labor Day.

One of the boats will be available for purchase at that time.  It is officially Goose River Guide Canoe 17-01 (the one launched last week was the prototype.)  I am planning on painting it in Epifanes satin base yacht enamel #216 (a sort of grayish light-blue) though if you speak up before August 10th, you can have it in your choice of any of the standard Epifanes yacht enamel colors.

The boat is made from locally sourced wood: eastern white cedar (planks and ribs) ash (rails, thwarts, seats) and maple (decks.)  It is fastened with copper tacks, and silicon bronze screws and bolts, etc.  The seat frames are joined with mortise and tenon.  The caning is woven in place.  The hull is covered with #10  American cotton duck, bedded with a linseed oil based filler.  Hull paint as described above.  Epifanes varnish on the interior and rails (multiple coats: gloss on ash and maple, matte top-coat on cedar.)

Dimensions: Length-17 feet, Max beam -34 inches, Height amidships- 11 inches, Height at stems- 20 inches.  Weight- 78 lbs.

Here are some pictures of it today.  I still need to trim the outer rails, install the outer stems, paint and varnish.





The price is $4500 (plus 5.5% Maine sales tax.)  As this will be the first official boat of this run to go out of the barn , I am including two hand-shaped, solid ash paddles, your choice of either  beaver tail or Algonquin style (see above,) sized to order.  I will also give a free one year tune up (paint, varnish,etc.) as I would like your feedback after it has been in use.

If interested, contact me at (781) 910-8851 or whitewoodcraft@yahoo.com  Also, please share this with anybody you know who may be interested.  Thank you.












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