1 July- Back in the Barn

The canoe hulls are all cured, so it’s back to work in the barn finishing them off.  But the past couple of months have been productive.  Most importantly, Preamble is happily moored in Rockport Harbor, with a waxed hull and nice, refinished teak.

photo 4

The kayaks got a quick overhaul before getting them out for an early morning paddle on Megunticook- and, hopefully, many more before it gets cold again.

photo 1

The dinghy got a lot of attention, paint and oil.  Looking new after three summers of hard use and no love.



The dogs are ready to get back to work, obviously.

photo 2photo 3

So back to it.  I just finished putting outer rails on this boat and got a thinned coat of varnish applied to the inside.  Next, some outer stems and a keel, and, of course, many more coats of varnish and lots of paint.  Then, do it all again, two more times.


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