27 April- Last Week in the Barn

I didn’t get a chance to post over the weekend, because I was taking my Archery Hunter Safety Course.  It was interesting enough, but probably didn’t need to be two full days.  I took it so that I can hunt both turkeys and deer with a bow, rather than a gun.  This means I can hunt in places that are a bit more populated, which is where the turkey and deer population are most out of control.

Last week (and today) was all about sanding, fairing, stretching, stapling.  I just have to canvas one more hull tomorrow.  It is all faired and ready to go.  Then I will move on to doping.  Here are some pictures.

I’m also posting some pictures of older work in the portfolio section.


First I pre-stretch the canvas, then stretch it over the hull.


These horses fit up inside the inverted hull, supporting it at specific frames.


I use a torch to burn the nap off of the canvas, to help get a smoother finish.


Another hull waiting for dope. 



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